05 octubre 2009

About me

I combine my work teaching Biology and Ecology in a Secondary School with travel and nature photography, which I feel more passionate about day by day.

My preferred subjects are small-scale natural compositions involving plants, sand or ice and I will wait patiently for just the right light to get the perfect shot, the moment when the light best emphasizes the colours and textures of all the tiniest details.

As well as taking part in numerous exhibitions I have published two papers in the Spanish nature conservancy journal Quercus (1996) and some pictures in IRIS published by the Spanish Nature Photographers’ Association (2007, 2008, and 2009) as well as in a chapter about Saline Lakes Ecology in an Encyclopædia (2009).

I recently started to participate in photography competitions. Finalist (2006) and First Prize in the Flora Category (2008) in the “World Environment Day Competition” organised by the Andalusian Government in Spain. 

First Prize in the Plants category (2008) in the “Grazalema Natural Park XXX Anniversary Competition” (Andalusian Environment Ministry).

I have also won three prizes in local competitions (Alhama de Granada Carnival, 2008, 2009, 2010).

In October 2009 I was finalist with the photo "Ouch! That´s hot!" in the " I Animal Behaviour Photography Competition" organized by the Spanish Ethology Society.

In October 2009 I was semifinalist with several photos and winner in the "In Praise of Plants Category" in the "Wildlife Photograper of the year" 2009.
Winners "Wildlife photographer of the year" 2009

In November 2009 I received a "Highly Commended Award" with "Double reflection" in the Fauna Category in the FOTOCAM 2009 Competition (XV Edition).

In April 2010 I was finalist with "Autumn fern" and "Claw" in 2010 Asferico Competition, organized by Asferico magazine (Italy).

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